Synopsis – Millionaire City – A Documentary Film
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The City that 'Sold Out'

Someone is buying up the City of Vancouver at an alarming rate leaving an unsustainable living crisis in its wake. Filmmaker ‘Ina Mitchell’ looks at how ‘Race’ played into her hometown of Vancouver Canada's obsession with the game of Real Estate in her documentary film ‘Millionaire City.’

Vancouver is home to the most expensive property in Canada valued at 75 million, while only 7 kilometers away lives the poorest postal code in Canada. It’s a city of extreme contrasts where windowless garden sheds are now being converted to apartments that are rented for thousands a month. Dilapidated bungalows sell for several million, the rental vacancy rate is near zero, and the homeless count is rising by the thousands each year. Someone or something must be to blame for how a city got to the point of being unlivable for its citizens. Locals were pointing their fingers at global citizens, in particular foreign investors from China who were looking to build and protect wealth outside of China. With a history of racism in Vancouver, many more wondered if they were being unfairly targeted because of a rise in populism.

There’s funny business going on in the City of Vancouver. Now the good people of Vancouver are mad and fighting to get their city back to a livable level ... but is it too late?

Millionaire City is a uncensored, politically incorrect, and totally ‘unCanadian’ film that explores the high cost of Race and Real Estate.